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MKZ Hybrid/
Toyota Prius 2/3/4/5/c/v/ eco/plugin
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Year (click to hide column) 2017
Gas Type Regular Regular
Transmission Autom. VarGear Autom. CVT
EPA MPG-city 43(41) 44-58
EPA MPG-hwy 41(38) 40-53
EPA MPG-cmb 42(40) 42-56
Cost to Drive 25 Mi $1.37 $1.03
Mi on a Tank 662 600
Tank Size (gal) 17.5 11.9
Annual Fuel Cost $820 $620
Emissions (tons/yr) 3.8 2.8
Car Class Midsize Midsize
Front Crash Rating 5* see tst 4* see tst
Engine Size (L) 2.5 1.5-1.8
# of Cylinders 4 4
Drive Type/AWD Frnt-
0-60MPH (sec) 8.7 10.2
Passenger Vol (ft3) 101 96
Luggage Vol (ft3) 16 17-67fold
Base Model MSRP $26K(35K) $25K-$30K
Mfr's Web Site toyota.
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car history,
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MKZ Hybrid/
Toyota Prius 2/3/4/5/c/v/ eco/plugin
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  1. 'EPA MPG' is from window sticker; customer MPG may vary; in 2008 the EPA revised MPG's down 20%
  2. 'Annual Fuel Cost' based on EPA MPG, 45% hwy + 55% city, 15K mi/yr, gas reg $2.30/gal, prem $2.40
  3. Sources of data (excepting '0-60 times') are and manufacturer Web sites
  4. Sources of '0-60 times' are,, and
  5. For models with both 2WD and 4WD, specs/cost for 4WD are shown
  6. For models with multiple engine sizes, specs/cost for smallest are shown
  7. Prices and data shown are for 2017 models except where year shown in 2nd row differs
  8. Data displayed is believed to be accurate; if you have questions or corrections please email us
  9. The Chevrolet Malibu eAssist uses a 'mild hybrid' design that adds just 1MPG hwy over the non-hybrid model, so is not included

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