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   Electop 1-to-2 12V Cigarette Lighter Splitter    Auto   $ 8.99
  • Splits 12V car outlet into 2 outlets
  • No fuse, so nothing to fail
  • Can leave plugged in, because uses no power
   Sylvania Headlight Restoration Kit    Auto   $ 17.44
  • Top rated by Consumer Reports
  • Clears up car headlight scratches and yellowing
  • No power tools required; simple instructions
  • About 1/2 hour's work for 2 headlights
   ADATA 64GB Flash Drive    Computer   $ 14.95
  • Fast data transfer (100MB/s read, 50MB/s write, bigger GB faster)
  • Low cost for 64GB USB3 stick; other sizes available
  • You should always buy USB3; backward compatible with USB2
   Samsung 256GB SATA III Internal Solid State Drive    Computer   $ 109.99
  • SSD drives radically improve performance
  • Your Desktop/Laptop will seem 2-3x faster
  • Note: 500GB size also available for $172
  • Note: 1TB size also available for $327
   Anker USB Charger    Electronics   $ 14.99
  • Fast midday charging of your smartphone
  • Fits in pocket or purse
  • Can fully recharge a normal Smartphone TWICE!
   CyberPower Compact UPS 425VA 255W    Electronics   $ 44.95
  • For its price, one of the highest VA ratings
  • Will keep a typical PC alive over 1 hour if power fails
  • For a laptop, will keep alive much longer
  • Truly necessary for momentary brownouts
   iClever Dual USB 120V Wall Charger    Electronics   $ 12.49
  • Fast charging for up to 2 phone(s) at up to 2.4 amps per phone
  • Small size (1.6"w x 1.6"h x 1.1"d)
   Padgene DZ09 Bluetooth Smartwatch    Electronics   $ 15.99
  • 10x less expensive than an iWatch
  • Not as good as iWatch, but does basic calls/texts
  • Has a metal pin clasp (so stays on)
  • Won't break the bank if you lose-it or scratch-it
   Sandisk 8GB Clip Jam MP3 Player    Electronics   $ 29.99
  • Small size (1.6"w x 2.6"h x .6"d)
  • Max 1,000 songs, plus 2,000 more songs on optional micro SD card
  • There is a way to go past the 2,000 song limit (ask me)
  • High quality audio (MUCH better than a smartphone, including Apple)
   Hoover Linx Cordless Cyclone Vacuum, dual floor+hand    Home   $ 124.45
  • Cyclone works as well as Dyson at a far lower price
  • Combo floor stick and hand-held wand
  • Easy cleaning
  • No filter to replace
   TIWIN LED Light Bulbs (6-pak, each 100 watt equiv)    Home   $ 24.99
  • Saves money on your electric bill; 30% less wattage vs. a CF
  • Uses only 13 watts per bulb
  • Starts instantly and does not degrade over time
  • Note: not dimmable
   BAFX Hiking Sticks w/Anti-Shock    Sports   $ 20.49
  • Low price walking sticks
  • Anti-shock springs
  • Work just as well as higher priced ones
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